The 13th Istanbul Biennial Public Programme Public Alchemy

The 13th Istanbul Biennial Public Programme titled Public Alchemy examines the ways in which publicness can be reclaimed as an artistic and political tool in the context of global financial imperialism and local social fracture. From February to November 2013, a series of lectures, workshops, seminars, performances and poetry readings will examine how a political, poetic alchemy is at work, both in Turkey and across the world, in which conventional concepts of ‘the public’ are being transformed.

Public Capital
10–11 May 2013

What is the relation between private capital and the making of publics? How does the art market shape the ways in which contemporary art is made public? How does money impact ‘autonomous’ artistic production? How do the structures of the art market relate to broader questions of contemporary financialisation? Various models of patronage are encouraged by individual art dealers, galleries and art fairs, but do these offer beneficial strategies of survival for artists or are they businesses shaped in the same way as the speculative financial operations that dominate contemporary capitalism? Increasingly the institutions that support artists and exhibit their work are reliant on private sponsorship. How do these changing funding conditions impact not only on the conditions of artistic production but also on the institutions in which contemporary art is exhibited and disseminated? What are the alternative ways in which artists, working individually or collectively, can control the ways in which money is exchanged over and around their work? Can we imagine ‘public money’—an alchemical transformation of the basis of high finance?

Friday 10 May, 18.30–19.30h
The Marmara, Taksim Square

Lecture/performance: Vermeir & Heiremans, Art House Index

Saturday 11 May, 10.30–16h
Salon IKSV

Lecture: Alberto López Cuenca (Universidad de las Américas Puebla), “Work, Walls, Wealth: Artistic Labour and the Commons”
Lecture: Suhail Malik (Goldsmiths, University of London), “Contemporary Art / Market / Power”
Response: Haldun Dostoğlu (Galeri Nev Istanbul)
Panel discussion: “Public institution / Private capital”
Speakers: Vasıf Kortun (SALT, Istanbul), Maria Lind (Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm), Barnábas Bencsik (Ludwig Museum, Budapest), and Kuba Szreder (Free/Slow University of Warsaw)

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