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Artspace Warehouse announces Alchemical Motion

Artspace Warehouse proudly presents Alchemical Motion, a captivating contemporary art exhibition that transcends established forms and perceptions. This innovative showcase features a diverse collection of works by accomplished artists, each contributing a unique perspective to the theme of transformation and fluidity. From […]

Art From the Faroe Islands

Fog Swept Cargo: Art from the Faroe Islands brings the striking diversity of the Faroe Islands’ contemporary art scene to the U.S. with works by Hansina Iversen, Rannvá Kunoy, Tóroddur Poulsen, Hanni Bjartalíð, Randi Samsonsen, Alda Mohr Eyðunardóttir, Jóhan Martin Christiansen and […]

Bridging Realities at Artplex Gallery

Artplex Gallery is pleased to announce Bridging Realities, an immersive contemporary art exhibition that orchestrates an interactive dance between art and observer—a meeting of minds and emotions. In this curated showcase, the captivating works of Iqi Qoror and Mohamad Khayata transcend conventional […]