Malmo Nordic Opens 3 May

The opening of Malmö Nordic 2013 on Friday May 3rd is the start of Malmö’s major art initiative in 2013, an event that lasts all summer until August 18th. The project highlights, in a unique collaboration, Malmö’s major art institutions, the city’s art galleries and other venues, presenting a variety of exhibitions and events from a Nordic perspective. Among the participants are big institutions as well as artist-run galleries, studio associations and public workshops and other rooms for contemporary art in Malmö. Everybody interprets the Nordic art theme from their own starting points, providing an exciting dynamic and diversity within the art field.

Malmo NordicSome of the exhibitions
Gallery Persson, one of Malmö’s oldest galleries, presents an exhibition with artists Marie Capaldi and Jarl Ingvarsson, whose paintings show ‘artists’ daily lives, or at least seem to reflect what is seen as an ordinary day’. Artist-driven CirkulationsCentralen participates with the exhibition Suspensions | In Time, with concepts and conceptual works by Kirsten Astrup and Jenny Åkerlund, two artists who live and work in the Nordic environment and culture. Artists collective KKV Textil takes over Form/Design Center with the installation Kärlekar (Loves), a tribute to textile art and its practitioners interpreted by 40 artists, craftsmen and designers in the textile field of the North. In Skånes Konstförening (Skåne’s Art Association Gallery) the exhibition Common Tales by Katja Björn, Vu Thi Trang, Vibeke Mejlvang and Sofie Hesselholdt present stories of everyday life in different ways and media where skewness and demand for justice runs like a red thread.

With 24 Spaces – A Cacophony Malmö Konsthall presents non-commercial artists or curator-run venues. It is an attempt to look at various alternative Nordic-based exhibition spaces. Malmö Konstmuseum (Malmö Art Museum) shows the exhibition Den nordiska modellen® (The Nordic Model ®), about the museum’s collection, its history and future. The curators Stine Hebert and Kim Einarsson have invited artists to establish a dialogue with the collection including an examination of “the Nordic” as an economic model. In all, a number of directions are suggested for the collection to take in the future. In the exhibition Scandinavian Pain Moderna Museet Malmö meets the Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson and his Norwegian colleague from the latter century turn, Edvard Munch, in an exploration of the prejudices of the creative melancholy. Kjartansson’s pink neon work throws a new light on the so-called Nordic melancholy. Alongside is an exhibition with John Melin—a Malmö pioneer of graphic design and artist. Malmö Museer / Fotografins rum (Room for Photography) shows Purity of images by photographer David Magnusson, about the ceremonies in USA, Purity Balls, where young girls pledge to refrain from sex before marriage.

Seminar, guided tours and catalogue
During the weekend May 4th–5th Malmö Art Academy in collaboration with Kunstkritikk stages a two-day seminar, “Nordic art – Nordic – fantasm and reality.” The seminar is open to the public and takes place at the Inter Arts Center.

Malmö Nordic 2013 also offers guided tours and other events during the summer, which can be found in the calendar on the website

An exhibition catalogue featuring all participants and their exhibitions and events is produced for Malmö Nordic 2013, as well as a booklet with brief information and a map.

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Malmö Nordic 2013 is owned and organized by the Cultural Department of the City of Malmö. Thanks to Region Skåne and Malmö Förskönings- and Planteringsförening for financial support.

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