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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Croatian artist Alfred Krupa has set the world record for the largest drawing created using swan and goose feathers as paintbrushes.

On 10-11 January 2023, in the drawing room of Duga Resa High School – Graphic Design Department – under monitored conditions, Krupa drew a drawing with ink and swan and goose feathers on a raw canvas of 69×892 cm format called ‘My Panoramas’.

The artist’s primary intention was to create a series of several gallery-format artworks – large and very large – and at the same time to draw attention to the painting-drawing form that he has been pioneering and developing for many years and to encourage a possible competition in that direction.

This work by Krupa was recognized by the American organization RecordSetter (Las Vega – Los Angeles) as the largest of its kind in the world and a new world record.

If they were to apply the publicly available table of indicated values of Krupa’s works created by i-CAC of Paris, the market value of ‘My Panoramas’ would be around 92,000 Euros.

Meanwhile, the French organization i-CAC (Indice de Cotation des Artistes Certifiés, Index of ratings of certified artists) based in Paris has also certified and ranked Krupa 15th in the Francophone world.

This organization deals exclusively with French and Francophone artists, but Krupa was included because of his previous artistic activity in France.

At the same time, his work for i-CAC was evaluated by Olivier Houg, an expert member of the National Chamber of Specialists in Works of Art and Collection – Paris / Chambre Nationale des Experts Spécialisés en Objets d’Art et de Collection – Paris / and the European Confederation of Art Experts – Paris / Confédération Européenne Des Experts d’Art – Paris /).

Artist Alfred Krupa ended the year 2022 with a series of awards and recognitions, from 1st place at the International Art Award New Generations 2022 (Miami, USA), through the Japan Ink Painting Society Artist Award (Tokyo, Japan) to inclusion in the 7th Gold List of the Top Artists of Today (Israel – Germany – USA -Italy).

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