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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

The Art Conference: Art in Action Gramercy Park

Saturday November 19: Art in Action 12:00pm to 3pm National Arts Club, Gramercy Park

Join the Director of Arts Gowanus, Abby Subak, as she joins a panel to discuss Art in Action, as part of the second weekend of The Art Conference.

Art can underpin revolutions, give a voice to the seemingly powerless and affect social change on a global scale. With that power, however, comes a responsibility, and much-needed opportunities to support regeneration projects at a level that will make a difference to communities on local levels.

Abby Subak, Director of Arts Gowanus, will join Carlo De Luca of Station 16 Gallery in Montreal, Wayne Rada of the LISA Project, and Jess X Snow, filmmaker and poet for a panel discussion exploring the role of art as a key component of civic dialogue. This panel is part of the Accessible Art Fair’s Art Talk Series.

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