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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Gowanus Artists, Advocates, and Elected Officials To Protest Mass Eviction of More Than 300 Artists at 94 9th Street

As Gowanus artists open their work spaces to the public at the annual Gowanus Open Studios 2015 (October 17-18) celebration, the artist community of Gowanus and across NYC will rally outside the studios at 94 9th Street on Saturday at 10:30am to protest the mass eviction of more than 300 artists from an entire block in Gowanus.

Gowanus  Brooklyn

The rally will:
let building owner Eli Hamway know that the Gowanus community stands with its artists and small businesses, and won’t let them be kicked out without a fight
kick off a petition drive, targeting Eli Hamway and his company Industrie Capital.
rally advocates and artists for citywide policy changes to keep art-making affordable and keep artists in NYC

Who: Abby Subak, Director Arts Gowanus
City Council Member Brad Lander
Jenny Dubnau, ASAP (Artist Studio Affordability Project)
Artist-tenants of the building

What: Rally to support the 300+ artists being displaced in Gowanus

Where: 94 9th Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn, betw 2nd Ave and Gowanus Canal

When: Saturday, Oct 17, 10:30am

Abby Subak, Director Arts Gowanus: 347-446-8254, [email protected]
John Schaefer, Council Member Brad Lander’s office: 718-499-1090, [email protected]
Jenny Dubnau, ASAP (Artist Studio Affordability Project): 718-383-9596
Rejin Leys, ASAP (Artist Studio Affordability Project): 347-512-9858

Background: Since June, the artists in studios of one entire block in Gowanus have been receiving notices that their leases will not be renewed and they must vacate the building in 30 days. This latest example of NYC’s displacing of artists and creativity has caused chaos for over 300 individual artists and musicians and had ripple effects across NYC.

The building being affected has several street addresses including, but not limited to 94 9th St, 98 9th St, 75 10th St, 75A 10th St, and 112 2nd Ave.

NOTE: The artists will be there until noon, when they return to their studios to open the doors for Gowanus Open Studios 2015. (And we will also be watching for the swimmer to go under the 9th Street Bridge so if you need to coordinate on that, please call or text Abby Subak 347-446-8254.)

Arts Gowanus is an arts not-for-profit organization working in the neighborhoods surrounding the Gowanus Canal. Building on the foundation laid by our predecessors at A.G.A.S.T., our Gowanus is creative, collaborative, and community-focused. We nurture artist-to-artist relationships, connect artists to the community, and work to make Gowanus a creative and inspiring destination. Arts Gowanus is the presenter of the annual Gowanus Open Studios and it is the work of many committed volunteers that makes everything we do possible.