Vancouver Summer of Murals Art Competition

Clark County Mural Society — CCMS — is dedicated to the creation of art that transforms public space and individual lives in our community. In keeping with that mission, the CCMS launches the 2012 Summer of Murals Competition.

The concept of the 2012 project is: 7 Walls, 7 Artists, 1 Summer.

The CCMS Task Force has recruited property owners in Downtown Vancouver, rapidly becoming the Arts & Entertainment District of the community, to allow the usage of 7 outdoor walls on their properties for 7 murals. Each will tell a special Vancouver story, beautify the environment and help build Vancouver as a “destination location.”

Statistics show that tourism monies spent on arts & cultural activities exceed those spent on sports activities, demonstrating that the Summer of Murals project will contribute to the health of the Vancouver economy. Certainly a part of that contribution is the prize monies given to the competition winners:

1st Place Prize: $5000
2nd Place Prize: $3000
3rd Place Prize: #2000
Community Choice Prize: $500

Artists are asked to visit the website to familiarize themselves with the details, review the suggested historical and cultural themes, and then create a proposed design for the competition. Deadline for submissions is May 17th, either online or by mail. Submissions by mail must be postmarked by May 17th.

It is important that each competitor research facts and accuracy of their design concept. CCMS emphatically encourages all artists to employ their imagination and creativity full force — the end result is not meant to be a textbook history lesson. The idea is creative, colorful, inventive interpretations of the rich history and cultural development of the community.

For more information, visit the website: or email