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Save The Murals at Industry City Brooklyn New York Petition

Hi Friends: I need your help. Two of my recent murals, “Evolution” (2019), located at Industry City, Brooklyn, NY are in danger of being destroyed by Industry City. The murals are much loved by the community, and are important creations for me.

Innumerable hours and effort went into their creation. Their destruction would be a loss for the community and cause harm to myself and my artistic legacy. Public works of art are normally protected by the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, but Industry City’s contracts with artists include a waiver of this protection. This petition will support artists’ rights to have their works protected.

The murals are each 24 feet high, and are site-specific, meaning that they were designed for the specific walls that they are painted on. They have been well-received by the general public, the tenants of IC and have received favorable reviews from art lovers and professional art critics. Here is a link to a petition for you to sign to save the murals:

If you would like to write a personal letter to Industry City on behalf of saving the murals please use these emails:
[email protected], [email protected]

Fred Bendheim