Canadian Artists Now Showing at the Bay Downtown Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – On September 5, the Bay Downtown Vancouver will officially launch a new line of art, ‘MiMa at the Bay’. In addition to the opening of a gallery on the 5th floor, MiMa will also start supplying the Bay with art to complement the Bay’s furniture line. This initiative means support and increased exposure for a number of Canadian artists, most of whom are from British Columbia. The launch of “MiMa at the Bay” coincides with the Bay’s launch of a nationwide new marketing campaign, titled “Live Artfully”.
MiMa Fine Art Publishers, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Mitra Ghaffari and Mark Prior. Over the past three years, their joint venture has brought the art of over 40 artists to a national and international public. MiMa also works with art consultants, architects, interior designers, hotels, galleries, the hospitality industry, health-care facilities, and now, a department store.
“We just happened to approach the Bay at the right time,” says Prior. “The Bay was looking for art to compliment their furniture on the 6th Floor and also offered us space on the 5th floor to establish a gallery. Since May we have been working on this project and we now have about 350 works of art on display. The staff at the Bay has been very enthusiastic and report terrific reactions from customers who love the unexpected ‘art experience’ as they walk around the 6th floor.”
On September 5, Sunshine Coast artist Motoko will give live demonstrations in the store during the day. The evening event will give the public and the press a chance to meet a number of MiMa artists, such as Richard Hunt, Brian Scott, Page Ough, Bill Wilkinson, Won-Hee Gowen, Elisabeth Sommerville, Jocelyn Barrable Segal, and Carol Short. Annie Siegel, one of MiMa’s artists as well as a professional jazz singer and pianist, will provide entertainment. The evening will conclude with a charity auction of a painting by Motoko. All of this will be made most agreeable with traditional wine, cheese, strawberries, and chocolate.
The launch will be held at the Downtown Bay, 674 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia on September 5, from 6-9 p.m. Please contact the Bay at 604 681-6211 if you would like to attend.
You can find out more about MiMa Fine Art Publishers, Inc. at

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