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440 Gallery present Berlin >> Brooklyn exhibition of visiting artists from ep.contemporary

Only two weeks remain to explore the extraordinary artwork from our sister gallery, ep.contemporary, located in Berlin. Similar to 440 Gallery, ep.contemporary is artist-run, promoting a nurturing and innovative environment that highlights local creatives. We are honored today to focus on one of those artists whose work is presently exhibited at 440 Gallery.

Celia Mehnert is a Berlin-based artist and teacher. In her collages and monotypes, she traces her own and foreign memories and narration. Architectural fragments assembled in drawings form a spatial structure that explores memories and then plays with them. The space, the reference system in which our perception is first constituted, opens up and shifts its boundaries from narrative to narrative and from drawing to drawing.

“My works are usually created in parallel,” Mehnert explains. “Something begins – although something is already there – and the next thing emerges from it. Sometimes they lie around for a long time: papers, ideas, snippets. Time. I never know when a series is finished.”

The first impulse to fold her work came from the need to change something in the drawing. Perhaps something was wrong, too much or too little. The process of folding, opening and closing and refolding, presented itself as a physical event – just as we are three-dimensional bodies that move in space and can change our position. Folding for Mehnert became an unexpectedly exciting part of her process.

Mehnert’s monotypes and the works of 11 other European artists are on view until July 7.

More information:

Series Unfoldings: Untitled by Celia Mehnert