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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Fulton Street Collective announce Jazz Occurrence No. 25 OPENING NIGHT with Jonathan Hannau

A ‘Jazz Occurrence’ is a public performance and a marriage of the sonic arts and the visual arts. In kind, a Jazz Occurrence uses the tools of poetry, the dance and movement arts, spoken word, puppetry, and theatre arts to strive for an environment of complete creative freedom.

This April 1st, pianist Jonathan Hannau will provide the music positioned in the center of the room, surrounded by working visual artists, creating in response to the sounds. In kind, the experience is both life drawing and abstract expression.

Surrounding both the musician and the artists will be a Jazz Occurrence Art Exhibition, on the walls of Fulton Street Collective’s event space.

30+ artists are participating in this endeavor.

This event is sponsored by Lewis Achenbach and his Jazz Occurrence Project.

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