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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

MOSAICS Fine Art Festival Announces 2017 Award of Recognition Winners

MOSAICS Fine Art Festival announces the Award of Recognition Winners for the 2017 Festival event, which took place the weekend of September 15-17, 2017:

Leslie Emery – Oil/Acrylic – Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Nelson Perez – Oil/Acrylic – St. Louis, Missouri
Andres Arango – Leather – Miami, Florida
Inna Derly – Misc./Other – Naperville, Illinois
Sandy Harris Murphy – Jewelry – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Johnny Williams – Metal – Desoto, Missouri
Margaret McCarthy – Watercolor – St. Charles, Missouri
Tate Hamilton – Oil/Acrylic – Denver, Colorado
Kent Durk – Photography – Columbia, Missouri
Tanya Doskova – Misc./Other – Phoenix, Arizona

The Award of Recognition winners were chosen by the MOSAICS Fine Art Festival judge, well-known St. Louis professional artist Zach Smithey:

Zack is a native to St. Charles County. He is dedicated to art in the community and art as healing. He is a man of many media. He has been asked to perform his art at Lincoln Center and perform his art at the New York Met Art Museum. After the Ferguson riots, Zack came forward with using his art to get us together throughout the city. He painted small pieces, hid them in neighborhoods throughout St. Louis area and then gave hints to citizens to find his original pieces. If they found it, they were to show it on Facebook, tell where they were in St. Louis, meet someone in that space — just make a friend in the neighborhoods. We citizens moved into areas we would never visit, art would move us there. The people who found it, got a piece of original art to start their collection and St. Louis came together in the hunt. He is an interesting citizen and an interesting artist.

The 2017 MOSAICS Fine Art Festival featured approximately 90 juried artists from more than 16 states across America, as well as Belgium. The participating artists were juried into this year’s Festival by Joyce Rosen:

Joyce was MOSAICS first Executive Director helping establish the prestigious annual art festival. Joyce took her vision further by facilitating in the development of an arts facility in St. Charles and founded the Foundry Arts Centre, allowing the arts to come alive with hands on classes open to all ages and exhibitions throughout the year. Joyce is currently the President of the Best of Missouri Hands artists organization.

For more information on the 23rd Annual MOSAICS Fine Art Festival, please call 314-482-5476 or visit

Leslie Emery