Gregg Chadwick. The Time Between at Sandra Lee Gallery

Sandra Lee Gallery is excited to present a solo exhibition featuring new paintings by artist Gregg Chadwick. His newest series explores the two concepts of time; chronos and kairos, described by the ancient Greeks. While chronos is sequential and chronological time, kairos represents the time between. Chadwick’s painting sessions embodied these concepts by overlapping and layering colors and figures over time, blurring the space between moments. His final result is a ghostly impression of a figure or form that does not exist in a specific time and place, but hovers in and around our tangible existence.

Gregg Chadwick
Gregg Chadwick: The Time Between

Using a muted palette and a delicate technique, Chadwick subtly builds a story that is at once beautiful and melancholy. Gently blending the paint across all surfaces, Chadwick creates a fusion of light, color and form, producing an ethereal atmosphere where the figures seem to exist between the planes of reality. Looking at these paintings, one sees an unfolding story where the vaporous figures float and merge in and around one another, giving you a sense of what has been and what will be.

Chadwick’s main focus for this series was the exploration and expansion of our perceived and conceived notion of time. With his work, he intends to break down the illusions of linear time passing and expose the coexistence of past, present and future. Chadwick’s paintings are visual conundrums that both capture moments and liberate them from time and space.

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