Goldsmiths University of London Centre for Research Architecture MA Programme

A multi-disciplinary, practice-led investigation into the frontier of architecture, art and politics. One of a portfolio of innovative MA programmes in the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London, including Contemporary Art Theory, Global Arts, and Aural and Visual Cultures.

Research Architecture and Forensic ArchitectureThe Centre for Research Architecture offers graduate students the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of new research paradigms that bring space, politics, media, law, human rights, and art into productive tension with each other. It sets out to question the two separate terms that constitute its name, seeking to open up the discipline and praxis of ‘architecture’—understood as the production of rarefied buildings and urban structures—into a shifting network of ‘spatial practices’ that includes many other forms of intervention. It contests the utilitarian, applied, means-to-ends relation between knowledge and action that is evoked by the term ‘research’ and the artificial opposition between theory and practice it implies. The centre’s mode of operation draws on the vocabularies of urbanism, architecture, environmental studies, science, aesthetics, and philosophy in order to develop spatial practices into an open-ended form of critical inquiry.

The MA programme has been developed to allow members to combine theoretical inquiry with critical spatial production. Lectures, seminars, and workshops equip you with a rigorous grounding in spatial theory. The theoretical course provides a thorough coverage of the historical, philosophical, and technological aspects of the intersection of space, power, and conflict. As with our world-renowned MPhil / PhD track, our MA programme draws a multidisciplinary mix of innovative architects and other spatial practitioners, albeit in the early stages of their careers.

How to apply:
Taught programmes usually start in late September. Places in the MA in Research Architecture are very competitive. They are not limited to graduates of architecture, but open to a range of other disciplines provided that you have, or expect to gain, an undergraduate degree of at least second-class standard. A good portfolio of practical and/or scholarly work and a demonstrable interest in critical spatial practices are essential. The MA runs in full-time and part-time modes.

Siobhán MacInnes
Department Manager
T +44 (0)20 7919 7228
F +44 (0)20 7717 2284

Research seminars taught by Nabil Ahmed, Maayan Amir, Anselm Franke, Lawrence abu-Hamdan, Thomas Keenan, Ayesha Hameed, Adrian Lahoud, Andy Lowe, Karen Mirza, Gerald Nestler, John Palmesino, Godofredo Pereira, Lorenzo Pezzani, Susan Schuppli, Paulo Tavares, Fusun Turetken, Eyal Weizman.

Recent visitors: Michel Agier, Ariella Azoulay, Lindsay Bremner, Rony Brauman, Teddy Cruz, Graham Harman, Sandi Hilal, Bruno Latour, Trevor Paglen, and Alessandro Petti, Steve Goodman, Monument Group, Derek Gregory, Christoph Keller, Lars Bromley, Jennifer Marlowe, D. Graham Burnett