KERRY JAMES MARSHALL Who´s Afraid of Red, Black and Green

In his figurative paintings, Kerry James Marshall focuses on the social and cultural experience of African Americans.

Kerry James Marshall, Installation view, Secession 2012, photo: Wolfgang Thaler

At the Secession, he is showing a new series of works whose title points to two key references: the flag of the “Universal Negro Improvement Association”, founded in 1920, and Barnett Newman’s famous painting Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue. In his works, Marshall combines his painterly interest in the formal properties of flatness with the stylistic elements of a ‘black aesthetics’ in order to define changing notions of integration, history, self-realization and liberty in a self-conscious and self-reflexive manner.

Kerry James Marshall, born 1955 in Birmingham, Alabama, lives and works in Chicago (USA).

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