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secession presents Anne Hardy photographs exhibition

Anne Hardy’s large-format photographs are polyvalent images of artificial spaces created for the sole purpose of their photographic documentation.

Anne Hardy, Secession 2012, Photo: Angus Mill

In painstaking work that often takes months, the artist builds highly detailed life-sized “stage sets” in her studio using found objects, things bought in second-hand stores, leftovers, and refuse scavenged from the street. Hardy then takes a single picture of each set in order to define its depiction, exercising tight control in particular over our perspective on these fictional spaces. Serving as documents of now absent places, the images show situations that are often confusing, filled with traces of human presence and mysterious activities; disturbingly, however, the fictional protagonists are forever absent. In her first exhibition in Austria, Anne Hardy is showing a selection of her work from the past five years.

Anne Hardy, who was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire (UK), in 1970, lives and works in London (UK).

Friedrichstraße 12, A-1010 Wien
T.+43-1-587 53 07-10, F.+43-1-587 53 07-34