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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Powerful Forces of Nature in Douglas The Boogie Man’s Art at Agora Gallery

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The artist who calls himself Douglas The Boogie Man is not as fearsome as he sounds. In fact, his work is decidedly magnificent, rewarding exploration. Douglas crafts wonderfully alive, natural abstractions of the ocean using a thick impasto technique influenced by Abstract Expressionism. Waves take on a writhing form right before being smashed into rocks and hurled towards the heavens or swirled into the foamy undertow. The painterly aesthetic is not unlike the improvisations of Jazz or a visualization of the unconscious mind. Here everything is in flux, and no two moments are the same. He favors a palette of vibrant cerulean and ultramarine, contrasting beautifully with the deep earthy hues of rock and overcast skies of the Atlantic Ocean. His style of painting is particularly concerned with connecting the very human act of creation with the powerful forces of the natural world. “To me, art is all about freedom, and freedom is all about the impulse towards abstraction,” Douglas explains, “and the reality of art as a spiritual process.”

The artist currently resides in Porthleven, UK.

Douglas The Boogie Man. Cliff Top and Sea

Exhibition Dates: August 24th, 2012 – September 13th, 2012
Reception: Thursday, August 30th, 2012
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, New York City
Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 11a.m. – 6 p.m.
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About the Exhibition

Two exceptional exhibitions are coming to Agora Gallery, with art that will tantalize a variety of tastes and evoke memories in a wide ranging audience. The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition presents the work of those artists who were selected by independent juror Ira Goldberg, Executive Director of the Art Students League of New York to take part in the show. Viewers will be touched by the sincerity and intelligence of these remarkable creations, and intrigued by the diversity they display. In The Kaleidoscope of Color the audience will be plunged into a fascinating world of powerful imagery and lively energy that combines broad scope with intricate detail. The exhibitions will begin on August 24, 2012 and the opening reception will take place on Thursday, August 30, 2012, 6-8pm. The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition will end on September 12, 2012 and The Kaleidoscope of the Mind will end on September 13, 2012.
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Interviews with the artists and high resolution images are available upon request.