Heryk Tomassini Presents his Dreamlike Landscapes in The Substance of Abstraction at Agora Gallery

Chelsea’s Agora Gallery will feature Puerto Rican artist, Heryk Tomassini, in The Substance of Abstraction. The exhibition is scheduled to run from February 02, 2010 through February 23, 2010 (opening reception: Thursday, February 04, 2010).

Heryk Tomassini’s upbringing surrounded by the natural beauty of Puerto Rico has inspired him in his paintings, which bring a wide variety of visual tones together in an instinctual way. He has said that one of his paintings can be regarded as an aesthetic landscape, or even an archeological find. He uncovers the rich tension and balance in the relationship between color and abstract form.

Heryk Tomassini
Heryk Tomassini, Fossil Fields #14, Acrylic on Canvas

Heryk regards his paintings as moments in time that invite the observer to enter a world full of emotional associations. The viewer who takes in these multilayered works becomes enmeshed in these dreamlike, open-ended spaces. Heryk has also been influenced by Abstract Expressionism in his use of thick, painterly brushstrokes and a consistent motif of crosshatching to create textures that link up stunning spectrums of colors. In doing so, he creates images of vivid networks which dramatically conjoin and interact, the overall effect being works that are both challenging and rewarding.

Exhibition Dates: February 02, 2010 – February 23, 2010
Reception: Thursday, February 04, 2010, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, New York City
Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 11a.m. – 6 p.m.

Unabashedly bold expression and uniquely crafted artworks await audiences in The Substance of Abstraction. Unusual, fascinating forms are the result of a personal journey into the world of art; these artists have left behind aesthetic conventions and recognizable forms while developing into a true abstraction. Here artists speak in their own manner baring their feelings through works that remain pure, beautiful, and vigorous.

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Agora Gallery
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