M-Museum Leuven (Belgium) presents Sol LeWitt. Colors

M-Museum Leuven (Belgium) presents Sol LeWitt. Colors a unique exhibition, on view 21 06 12 – 14 10 12, gathering twenty-four wall drawings in color by the American conceptual artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2007). LeWitt’s wall drawings marked, from the late 1960s on, a revolutionary development in the history of contemporary art. The monumental drawings are executed directly on the walls, according to the artist’s instructions and diagrams. Between 1968 and 2007, LeWitt created more than 1200 wall drawings.

Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #299 (detail). The wall is divided into three equal parts, each with a different color. A 6-inch (15 cm) grid covering the wall. First part: On red, white lines from the midpoints of each side to points on the grid. Second part: On yellow, white lines from the center to points on the grid. Third part: On blue, white lines from the corners to points on the grid. Each part has an equal number of lines. (The number and their length are determined by the drafter.) White crayon lines, black pencil grid, red, yellow, and blue wall. First drawn by: Jo Watanabe. First installation: Fort Worth Art Museum, Texas. November 1976. Collection of Levi Strauss & Company, San Francisco © SABAM / M-Museum Leuven, Photo by: Lieven Herreman.

M’s exhibition of twenty-four works is the first major presentation in Belgium of LeWitt’s emblematic practice. Following the chronological evolution of the artist’s oeuvre, the exhibition is organized according to the media LeWitt used in color, namely pencil, crayon, India ink and acrylic paint. In addition to the wall drawings, a wide selection of LeWitt’s artis’ts books is on view as well as a documentary film about the making of the wall drawings at M.

Drafters execute the wall drawings directly on the walls. The drawings adapt to the scale of the exhibition space. The first drawings were already executed by others artists. At M, professional drafters trained by the LeWitt studio were assisted by about seventy young artists and students from Belgian art schools. The wall drawings exist only for the duration of their exhibition.

Curators: Béatrice Gross & Eva Wittocx

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