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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Kinetica Art Fair 2012 exhibitors announced

Living artwork, creations that come to life and experiential installations will be on show for the fourth Kinetica Art Fair 2012 – the UK’s only art fair dedicated to kinetic, robotic, sound, light and time-based art. This hugely popular event – regularly attracting over 10,000 visitors – takes place from 9 – 12 February 2012 at Ambika P3, Marylebone Road, London NW1.

Studio Roosegarde’s Liquid 6.0

Kinetica provides an opportunity for serious buyers and collectors of art (previous collectors have included Damien Hirst and David Roberts), whilst remaining accessible to new buyers interested in the field. Leading artists and galleries from around the globe will gather to exhibit work that converges science, technology, nature and new media to present astonishing and often breathtaking creations.

This year sees a special feature exhibition within the fair showing work from Kinetica Museum’s new Oxygen artists membership scheme, entitled Art of Universal Knowledge: Time, Transformation and Energy, as well as a special focus on the centenary of renowned British scientist, Alan Turing: Art of Universal Knowledge: Time, Transformation and Energy will focus on the connections between space, science, nature, astrology and artistic interpretations of time, transformation and energy in reference to 2012 as the end of a 5,000 year old era which signifies change and transformation. The feature will showcase a diverse range of work from emerging contemporary kinetic and new media artists including Ronin Cho, David Ogle, Pascal Betteux and Debbie Locke alongside established International artists such as Daniel Chadwick, Ivan Black, Tom Wilkinson, Graham Stevens and Roger Vilder.

As 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the British scientist, Alan Turing, Kinetica Art Fair will host this special tribute exhibition to the inventor of the iconic digital computer, founder of the science of artificial intelligence and decoder of the German Enigma machine. The exhibition ‘Intuition and Ingenuity’, organised by ‘2012 Alan Turing Year’ brings together a range of artists to investigate Turing’s enduring influence on art and contemporary culture, including Roman Verostko, Boredom Research, Patrick Tresset, Greg Garvey, Anna Dumitriu and Alex May.

Highlights of exhibitors confirmed so far include:
Light installations from artists such as David Press, who draws on the sculptural constructivist work of Naum Gabo and mathematical models from the 19th century; London-based artist Balint Bolygo, whose Aurora is currently installed at Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel; András Mengyàn from Gallery A22 (Hungary) who will be exhibiting innovative laser sculptures; and Patrick Heide Gallery who are showing new lightworks by Hans Kotter.

Architectural models from: Studio Roosegarde, whose Liquid 6.0 is an interactive space that changes shape according to human behavior; Pavegen who have created a pavement which produces electricity when walked on; and Kensuke Hotta-AA-D Lab, who have created an architecturally intelligent canopy.

Animatronics from contemporary artists include: Tim Lewis, whose sculpture Pony was exhibited at the first ever Kinetica Art Fair; Piotr Jedrzejewski who makes fascinating mechanical creatures; and Greyworld’s Tail, a fully controllable, twisting and curling frisky cat’s tail you can clip on and wear!

Musical work by Alex Allmont, whose Lego technic pieces use computational and electronic tools to create abstract music; Phiharmonic Lights who work with synchronized light and music and Nicola Rae at PM + R, whose sound emission analysers create interactive sonic visual projections.

Further artists, exhibitors and special events will be announced in January 2012.

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