The Barrie Foundation presents La Coleccion (The Collection)

The The Barrié Foundation presents La Coleccion (The Collection) on view 18 March 2012.

The Barrié Foundation, a Spanish private foundation created and endowed in 1966 in Galicia, Spain (NW) devoted to the supporting of talent, innovating, the habit of making society aware of the importance of conserving cultural values and achievements and investing in Galician youth, is presenting the whole of its contemporary painting collection holdings for the first time. LA COLECCIÓN opens to debate some of the possible answers to this initial question. The intention is to reflect on how painting has been capable of constructing its own history from pictorial expressions that go beyond the ideas of gender and style, making context in content, conquering the architectural space, which is reincarnated in other media such as photography or installation, and definitively accepting that it is no longer a technique but a tradition. Painting today is, more than ever, an idea and a way of thinking upon itself, and on why and how people keep painting nowadays. If the paradigm of contemporary production is collage, painting becomes affected by the contagion of this hybrid and intersecting work, with this being reflected in the diversity of proposals that make up The Collection, including Spanish artists with a presence in international collections as well as consecrated figures of contemporary painting and key names in the forming of its history in the second half of the XX century. Following the exhibition, LA COLECCIÓN will start an international tour, open to new venues from 2012 onwards.

Ignasi Aballí / Albano Afonso / Pedro Barbeito / Herbert Brandl / Gerardo Burmester / Jean-Marc Bustamante / Manuel Caeiro / Pedro Calapez / Sandra Cinto / Paulo Climachauska / Gil Heitor Cortesão / José Pedro Croft / Ángela De La Cruz / Helmut Dorner / Suso Fandiño / Günther Förg / Curro González / Katharina Grosse / Imi Knoebel / Jonathan Lasker / Miki Leal / José Lourenço / Rita Magalhães / Fabian Marcaccio / Jason Martin / Tracey Moffatt / Miquel Mont / Nico Munuera / Álvaro Negro / Frank Nitsche / Yves Oppenheim / João Penalva / Perejaume / Fiona Rae / Andrei Roiter / Simeón Saiz Ruiz / Adrian Schiess / Shinique Smith / Teo Soriano / Jessica Stockholder / Daniel Verbis / Manuel Vilariño / Peter Zimmermann / Otto Zitko

Fundación Barrié
Cantón Grande 9.
15003, A Coruña. Spain

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