Botin Foundation Presents Europe . America. Paul Graham Photographs Exhibition

The exhibition Europe : America of the British photographer Paul Graham can be seen in the exhibition hall of the Botin Foundation until January 8th 2012.

Anyone who can’t come in person to Santander (Spain), can take a virtual tour through

Besides organising the exhibition, publishing a catalogue and brochures, planning activities such as visits to the exhibition room and informing through different kinds of media, the Botin Foundation also offers virtual tours on its website.

Along with the tour of Graham’s works, other exhibitions held during 2011 and organised by the Botin Foundation that can also virtually visited are:

Itineraries 2009/2010

Mariano Salvador Maella. (1739–1819) Drawings

Shaping a Collection. An interpretation of the Fundación Botín Collection

These virtual tours, developed by offer 3D panoramas that allow, from a certain point in the exhibition, look in any direction and zoom in to see any detail. Gallery of Works allows you to navigate through each one of the exhibits and obtain further information, both in Spanish and English.

The virtual tour is appealing and educational, but it’s presented as a supplement, as an alternative to those unable to physically attend the exhibition hall, not a replacement. It’s not comparable to the up-close experience of seeing and feeling the works and the space in person.

This exhibition model proposed by the Botin Foundation will also reveal the projects created by winners of the XVIII Call for Art Scholarships. Under the name of Itinerarios 2010/2011 as from January 27th 2012, it will exhibit the work of Eva Fábregas, Jota Izquierdo, Irene Kopelman, Juan Linares/Erika Arzs, Carme Nogueira, Jorge Méndez Blake, Mabel Palacín and Francesc Ruiz.

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