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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Museum Of Russian Icons Extends Exhibition

The Museum Of Russian Icons has extended it’s exhibition “Exploring Sanctity: Paths to Sainthood Unveiled” until October 1.

The new exhibition showcases twenty-four icons in the Museum of Russian Icons collection that illustrate the unique and iconoclastic journeys of ordinary people to religious sanctity. The exhibition emphasizes the wide-ranging paths to sainthood and the diverse backgrounds of the saints portrayed. As many of the saints in the exhibition are female, it also explores the role of women in the early Orthodox Church.

Three museum interns are co-curators of the exhibit: Katherine Morley, in a Certificate program at Tufts University; Susan Konola, senior at Assumption College; and Valerie Santos, who graduated from Maine College of Art in 2009.

Museum Deputy Director Tara Young offered observations about the three interns, “Katherine, Susan and Valerie have co-curated a fascinating exhibition that looks at several of the Museum’s icons in a new light, exploring paths to sainthood in the Orthodox Church. We have been thrilled to have this group of three talented aspiring art professionals bring their energy and knowledge to the Museum.”

Museum of Russian Icons Founder Gordon Lankton said, “Changing exhibits draw new audiences to the Museum. For the college interns, their experience here yields a concrete end-product for all their hard work while they earn college credit.”

Kent Russell, CEO and Curator said, “This exhibition has drawn together student interns and scholars to present their research on the extraordinary number of women deacons and saints depicted in our icons. This beautiful exhibition will be a surprise and a learning opportunity for all our visitors.”

Image: Presentation of Christ in the Temple Circa 1880 Tempera and gold on gesso and wood

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