Saatchi Online Social Marketplace For Buying & Selling Art

Saatchi Online has been revamped as a social marketplace for buying and selling art.

“Saatchi Online believes that for every work of art, there is a collector and we aim to connect those two. By paying the largest commissions in the industry, we offer artists and art lovers alike, a rare new opportunity.

We have integrated the site with social networking features and it is definitely changing the way artists will be able showcase their work. If you’re a gallery owner, exhibition curator, or collector, you’ll have access to view almost 1.3 million works by artists boasting impressive portfolios from around the world and these works start at just $100. We also have a no-risk, 100% satisfaction guarantee where the buyer assumes no risk in purchasing.

Saatchi Online has created a very important community platform to the world of art and we are thrilled to see how it will inevitably change the way we buy, sell and experience it.”

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