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IHME Contemporary Art Festival Helsinki

Superflex’ IHME Project 2011—The Longest Film Ever Made

IHME is an annual Contemporary Art Festival in Helsinki, Finland that consists out of three different types of production: IHME Project – commissioned new work in a public space, IHME Days – forum for discussion and IHME Editions – repeatable artwork or publication.

IHME Project 2011

The Danish artist group Superflex’ installation created for the IHME Contemporary Art Festival is a film and sculpture titled Modern Times Forever (Stora Enso Building, Helsinki). The work shows the Stora Enso building in Helsinki. The film will be shown in Helsinki Market Square on a 40m2 LED screen, so that the original building can be seen simultaneously with the building in the film. In the film the building changes over time. The film lasts ten days (240 hours), i.e. the film can be watched 24 hours a day for ten days.

SUPERFLEX: Modern Times Forever (Stora Enso Building, Helsinki).
Model photo by Propeller Group

The presence of the IHME Project will add a new temporal dimension to the urban space. Apart from being present in our everyday lives, quietly changing for ten days, the film’s time races ahead at an estimated several-hundred-year gallop each day. The film is a fiction about what could happen to the Stora Enso building as an architectural and ideological symbol, over the next few thousands of years, if the days of humankind come to an end, and only time and the weather affect the building.

The Stora Enso building in Helsinki is an important cityscape landmark, whose style has prompted discussion ever since it was built. The building, referred to by the locals as “the sugar cube”, is Alvar Aalto’s design and was completed in 1962. Its clean white modernist exterior has been an object of love and hate ever since its completion.

Workshops, lectures, discussions, and films at the IHME Days 1-3.4.2011

The first of the IHME Days begins with British Claire Doherty’s lecture, in which she considers how the time of public art is being shaken up. The Day continues with an exciting Trial, in which we dive into the depths of copyright. The evening ends with three film premieres in Finland—by artists Jani Ruscica (FIN), Cyprien Gaillard (FR) and Jeremy Deller together with Nicholas Abrahams (UK).

On Saturday, we will hear viewpoints on Superflex’s IHME Project from Riitta Nikula, Professor Emerita, PhD and architects Mikael Sundman and Mikko Mälkki. Professor Bruce Jenkins will give a talk on Gordon Matta-Clark´s film Conical Intersect that will be screened on Saturday. To complete the whole, Claire Doherty will conduct a discussion with the Superflex artist group.

After the beautiful and slow start with Yoko Ono’s Film N.o 5 (Smile) on Sunday morning IHME Days reach their international climax with How do we talk about art? discussion with guests: the Director of the Moderna Museet Daniel Birnbaum, Jennifer Allen, a critic from Frieze art magazine, Silja Rantanen, Artist and Professor at The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Anita Seppä, Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki. Sunday evening ends with the IHME Marathon, in which ten artists talk about their relationship to the city.

Jori Hulkkonen & Tuomas Toivonen, Renaissance Man & Åbäke and Zongamin will be making the IHME Club unforgettable on Saturday night!

Free entrance to all events.

For the full programme of the IHME Contemporary Art Festival please visit:

Superflex´ IHME Project 2011 film production is by Propeller Group (Ho Chi Minh City) and it has been co-produced with Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki.

Modern Times Forever (Stora Enso Building, Helsinki)
Market Square, Helsinki
23 March–2 April 2011

Old Student House, Helsinki
1–3 April 2011

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