Eat Art in Art Hall Gallery Tallinn, Estonia

“As sweet as we can”, an Exhibition in the Art Hall Gallery in Tallinn. The German artist Kurt Fleckenstein is going to sweeten the exhibition room with sugar and fruit juices.

Prior to the exhibition he is going to make 16 sugar cubes, based on a special recipe and using a cement mixer and formwork. Every cube is measuring 60 / 60 / 60 cm. As far as he knows, they will be the biggest sugar cubes which have ever been ever made. His point is not the size though, but the effect of the snow-white cubes in the room. The white cubes are going to expect the visitor at the beginning, as if they were empty pedestals with missing pieces of art. Transparent sachets containing concentrated fruit juice hanging over the sugar cubes promise a change. The first sachet with the concentrated fruit juice will be opened on the first day, the opening day of the exhibition. The juice will be dripping on the first cube the whole day. The shape and the colour will change. Just like the little sugar cube in coffee or tea, the pedestal will change its colour in a unpredictable way and will be transformed to a coloured sculpture. Every day another fruit juice will trickle on another cube. The performance will end when all 16 sugar cubes have adopted a specific fruit-colour.

All pedestals will be coloured and the initial sugary surface will be only recognizable on the edges. The smell of the juices and the colorfulness of the sugar installation will then dominate the room, but not for long. Every visitor will be allowed to cut off a piece of those sugar cubes with a big saw, as if it was a big cake and take it home. Bon appétit!

Exhib from 11th December 2010 to 03rd January 2011
curated by Reet Varblane, Tallinn Art Hall Kunstihoone
Tallinn Art Hall Gallery
Vabaduse Square 6, 10 146 held in Tallinn (Estonia).

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