First Art contest award for Kurt Fleckenstein

“Standing in the way” by German-Polish artist

Art is going to be presented five times in the city centre of Schwetzingen till the 19th October in an unrivalled art contest in the metropolis of Rhein-Neckar. The open air exhibition with cumbersome title “Standing in the way” has been opened already on 31th May. Besides the classical sculptures delicate creations came into being, dedicated to the public space in a poetical, critical or amusing way. This is how the ordinary perceptions of the city have been aesthetically smarted up by confrontation with an alternative to the consumption driven thinking.

A nationwide advertising proceeded the opening with over 200 registered applicants. Ten female and male artists were chosen by the curator of the exhibition, Dr. Dietmar Schuth (Schwetzingen Art Society) to be members of the jury consisting of experts and employees of municipal councils.

The jury announced four award winners. Kurt Fleckenstein (“Himmelsentfeuchter”/“Defogger of sky”), who lives in Mannheim and Wroclaw and the artist Jens Andres (“Trouble Makers“) from Mainz both share the first award.
The second prize has been awarded to Jan Thomas from Halle (“Fledermausstation”/”Bat station”) whereas Verena Burmester (“Liebespaare bitte hier küssen”/”Lovers please kiss here”) received the award for young talents.

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