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Joan Fontcuberta Landscapes without Memory at Foam

Foam presents Joan Fontcuberta Landscapes without Memory open through 27 february 2011.

Joan Fontcuberta, Orogenesis: Pollock, 2002

One of Spain’s most prominent and innovative artists, Joan Fontcuberta is best known for exploring the interstices between art, science, and illusion. Where science reaches its limits in his works, the imagination frequently finds a creative space in which to flourish. In Landscapes without Memory, Fontcuberta has co-opted a piece of computer software, Terragen, originally designed for military or scientific use in rendering three-dimensional images of landscapes. The software enables the user to build photo-realistic models based on information scanned from two-dimensional sources—usually satellite surveys or cartographic data. The result gives the user the illusion of navigating in three dimensions which had previously been visualized only as a flat image.

Joan Fontcuberta, who was born in Barcelona in 1955, teaches at the Audiovisual Communication School at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Widely exhibited internationally, he has had solo exhibitions in the U.S. at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Art Institute of Chicago, among other venues. The founder and editor of PhotoVision magazine, Fontcuberta has written several books on the history, aesthetics, and teaching of photography. His own photographic work has been published in over a dozen monographs, including The Artist and the Photograph (2000), Twilight Zones (2000), and Sputnik (1997). Fontcuberta is represented by Zabriskie Gallery in New York, Galerie Nathalie Pariente in Paris, and Galeria Senda in Madrid.

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