Brussels Non European Art Fair

The 19th edition of the Brussels Non European Art Fair takes place in Brussels until 7th June. This year, BRUNEAF will be a tri-dimensional celebration in the universe of Tribal Art.

The renowned art dealers’ area, the Grand Sablon, will become a major 5-day international Tribal Art fair. BRUNEAF will gather 50 European and North-American art dealers again this year. The presence of Bernard Dulon from Paris, the return of the Spanish Arte Y Ritual, and the confirmed subscription of the American specialists such as Dimondstein, Taylor Dale, M. Hamson, J.G. Gerena, B. Franck all consolidate the very loyal participation of numerous Belgian galleries. This fair has become an undisputable key event in the tribal art network. The Organizing Committee pursues the non-negotiable objective of limiting participation to 50 galleries in order to ensure the coherence and the human dimension of BRUNEAF, withstanding the success of the event.

BRUNEAF has a peculiar yet convivial mode of functioning. Local galleries become temporary hosts for their peers, thereby sharing exhibition spaces and galleries for a few days. Both the collectors and amateurs benefit from this very dense fair as they have access to rare and very precious objects originating from Africa, Oceania, America and Asia. The outstanding quality of the pieces that are presented transforms the fair into a temporary museum of leading edge Tribal Art.

BRUNEAF is very strict as to the quality and origin of the objects. Patrick Mestdagh, President of the organization, supervises a process whereby the members of BRUNEAF have enrolled in a control and security system that produces Authenticity Certificates upon demand. All the registered members will be labeled with the BRUNEAF logo during the entire event.

A comprehensive BRUNEAF-catalogue will be published by early May. The contents will also be accessible on the website at the same time.

During those few days, BRUNEAF also produces a unique exhibition entitled « Congo Mythical Masks ». The exhibition is organized in partnership with P. Bergé & Associés who will host the event. Patric Didier Claes, Curator of this exhibition, has chosen to collect thirty rare, some of which truly exceptional, masks from the Democratic Republic of Congo and presently owned by private collectors. All the items have a spectacular history and demonstrate amazing esthetical characteristics.

Moreover, Pierre Marcolini, the famous Belgian creator of a new generation of chocolates, has chosen to adhere to this year’s BRUNEAF. He will launch an exclusive, brand new « BRUNEAF » chocolate with unique flavor and shape. This new arte-fact will officially be launched on the inauguration day of BRUNEAF, the 3rd June.

BRUNEAF has partnered with the Royal Museum of Central Africa for the temporary exhibition that starts in April: « PERSONA. Ritual masks and contemporary art». Approximately hundred masks from the stunning museum’s collection will be presented with thirty rare objects extracted from other European museums and private collections. The layout of the exhibition will include contemporary artwork and installations created by African artists. (MRAC, 24/4/2009-3/1/2010 – Catalogue : «PERSONA – MASKS OF AFRICA, IDENTITIES HIDDEN AND REVEALED » by A-M. Bouttiaux, 5Continents Editions.