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The project intends to develop an investigation of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci through scientific research, philosophy and art.

Great success for the International Conference Leonardo The Immortal Light, the highly anticipated event that took place in Ancona at Palazzo Li Madou, one of the offices of the Marche Region was a heart-pounding event in which a research of a study conducted on Leonardo da Vinci’s red chalk drawing, and kept in the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, from which it would emerge that the great mind of Leonardo da Vinci represented in a sketch the characteristic features of a man, this was the captain general and gonfalonier of the Pope the Duke of Urbino Federico da Montefeltro.

The research was presented in the Leonardo The Immortal Light event, which has now reached its 30th edition with the collaboration of the International Committee Leonardo da Vinci, the Club for UNESCO of Florence with the patronage of the Italian Representation of the European Commission of the Regional Council of the Marches which hosts the important initiative and of the UNPLI of Ancona. The project intends to develop an investigation of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci through scientific research, philosophy and art. The Councilor for Culture of the Marche Region Chiara Biondi and the Regional Councilor Giacomo Rossi took part in bringing the greetings of the institutions.

It was a team effort in which everyone brought their own skills in order to be able to face a complex study. The writer and international art scholar Annalisa Di Maria, considered one of the leading experts on Leonardo da Vinci and the Neoplatonic Renaissance, spoke; advisor to the board of the UNESCO Club of Florence who illustrated the role that Neoplatonism had for the men of the Renaissance and how this philosophical current influenced the Montefeltro court and the deep bond it had with Medici Florence.

The international researcher and sculptor, already winner of the world peace prize in art, Andrea da Montefeltro, member of the experts of the UNESCO Club of Florence and signatory of the find, spoke, highlighting the indispensable role of the symbol and its use at the court by Federico, at the basis of even the most hidden contents. In the calligraphic study of Leonardo’s writing and of the artifact, the Forensic Calligraph Expert Dr. Stefano Fortunati, President of the Autography Association – Certifying Calligraph Experts, intervened, determining his intervention for the complex study of the Tuscan genius’ calligraphy.

Dr. Fabio Di Censo, ophthalmologist and director of the ophthalmology operating unit in Sulmona, intervened for the anatomical study, who confirmed in his report that the subject represented in the drawing under study had a lack of right eye, as Frederick of Montefeltro.

The Moderator of the event was the Vice-President of UNPLI Pesaro and Urbino Matteo Martinelli.

The prestigious Leonardo International Award “The Immortal Light” was also held within the event, among the numerous national and international awards of the past years we can mention a few: Scuderia Ferrari, Monument Men Foundation, Nicola Piovani, Salvatore Ferragamo , Aboca, Brunello Cucinelli and all the national police forces and the Tuscany Region. The special prize was awarded to the Marche Region for the great commitment and testimony of solidity that it represents in terms of culture, tourism and sustainability. Exceptionally, the prize consisted of a monumental chessboard with coats of arms of Federico da Montefeltro, the official casket of the 600th Anniversary of the Duke was also presented and delivered to the Marche Regional Council, works created by the artist Andrea da Montefeltro. The celebrations could not have ended in the best way with a discovery that brings the Marches and the historic region of Montefeltro on the occasion of Federico’s anniversary into the complex and extraordinary world of the Tuscan master’s works. Through this event attention is focused on how the world needs stimuli towards a new humanism, the time is ripe to recognize that only through the union of spiritual and material intellectual achievements can projects of Cultural Rebirth of our country be carried forward.

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