Angelnook Publishing Announces Divinely Inspired Art Collection by JP Madison

Angelnook Publishing announces a new divinely inspired collection from Artist J.P. Madison along with a completely redesigned website. The new collection is entitled “Timeless Reflections” and consists of six pieces. Each individual piece is created with mixed media on canvas and giclees can be produced in various sizes.

J.P. Madison spends the majority of her time communicating with the Archangelic Realm, journaling divine messages and creating impressions. Ms. Madison recently exhibited at the International Art Expo in New York City along with other Angelnook Artists. The Art is intended to intrigue; J.P invites the viewer to travel her path and unravel the mystical messages within each work.

J.P. Madison is currently working on several publications that embrace the individual uniqueness and historical legacy of each Deity. Her comprehensive research and impressions are intend to target Indigo and Crystal Children that will make a difference in tomorrow’s society.

The Angelnook Publishing website,, has recently been redesigned to include more miraculous happenings depicted through art, photography and video. Visitors to the site are continually amazed at these happenings that include a five-foot apparition of The Virgin Mary visiting the Angelnook team at the New York Art Expo and newly released video of Angelic messages being projected on a wall.

The website is also offering the “Universal Green poster for sale for only $ 15.00. “We want as many people as possible to have the art in their hands and begin the journey of interpretation,” states Paul Spremulli, President of Angelnook Publishing. “We want everyone to check out the web site regularly because we will continue to document and share the miraculous happenings that have graced our lives.”

For additional information please contact: Paul Spremulli, or a Angelnook Publishing representative at Angelnook Publishing, 800-559-5627, 1277 Cranston Street, Cranston, RI 02920.