New Abstract ‘Green Art’ & ‘Energy Art’ Series Launched

After seven years of painting and marketing contemporary figurative oils on canvas with eye-sharing faces, Artist, Author and Designer Sharon M (Geisen) Hayes is painting abstract “Green Art” and “Energy Art” with a new goal in mind.

“I love our world, I love people and I love life. My oil paintings with eye-sharing faces have a meaning behind them, which is, we are all one, all connected,” said Sharon Hayes. “I want to help young pregnant women who think that abortion is their only alternative because they cannot afford a child, or because they are alone; that is one of the loneliest feelings in the world.”

We are also one with our environment, and in keeping with that thought Ms Hayes has released her first two paintings from her “Energy” Series. Both paintings are six feet long by eighteen inches tall and are oils on canvas. Their titles are “Wave” and “Motion”.

The “Our World” design series being launched includes the titles “I Think Green”, which is a digital abstract and has a view looking up through a tree, “I Think Clean”, which is a digital abstract of air swirls, and “I Think Clear”, which is a digital abstract of water waves.

The art may be viewed at:

Ms Hayes is also CEO and Founder of Angel Heaven(TM) (, a new safe and wholesome website and toy line for children ages 3-11.