Fusionart International comes to Bergamot Station at James Gray Gallery

Fusionart is a creative movement founded by master mystic artist Rassouli to teach the magic of incorporating the spirit of the invisible into one’s art.
All successful art offers a sense of the mystical to those who appreciate paintings, sculpture, dance, performance and song. Art touches our hearts by telling us that there is magic in everything when we open ourselves up to this experience. Rather than attempting to catch a hint or an edge of this magic similarly to more traditional approaches to the arts, Fusionart challenges the artist to bare the soul from the first brush stroke, choreographic design and lyric.
The experience of the Fusionartist is that the art form is emerging directly from spirit as opposed to the more traditional ideal of “capturing the spirit” within a chosen subject. Some Fusionart “artworks” appear to be mystical, some abstract, and some subjective. The common thread is a sense of unity that has the ability to move its audience more powerfully than the usual art experience.
The wholeness of a person finds connection, sanctuary, and love. We live in exiting times, times of change, in which governments are losing control over their domains and nations are breaking apart. Violence seems to be the rule of law, from the Middle East to Africa to Asia and to the Americas. In times like these, art explodes, as it did in the Renaissance. It is not unusual for artists in challenging times to come together and express themselves in their art to reflect the dilemmas of current science and politics. Think again of the Renaissance, and the Pre-World War periods.
Art is the consciousness of its time and Fusionart is at the vanguard in this expression. In the words of Rassouli, the inspiring fusionartist of world renown, “Creation is the product of synchronizing the whole and recognizing it. Nympha Grubbs, has said “Fusionart is a method of opening up the soul of the artist to get as much mystery onto a canvas as possible. A blank canvas becomes a playground for evocative images and moods that for the artist come from a place that cannot be named or planned. The goal is the same as for all art, to make life more beautiful”.
Ralph White, of Los Angeles, has said, “Fusionart International is a movement which will continue to evolve with a higher purpose advocating a universal language of peace, unity, beauty, freedom healing, and the power of love.” Lorna Paquin has stated, “The art works that flow through Fusionartists are all about connections. We paint together to develop each other”.
Now the public will have the opportunity to see and feel the variety of “styles” that fusionartists create in the paintings of Ralph White, Diane Bulgatz, Nympha Grubbs, Carole Burdick, Felix de Quesada, and many others at the James Gray Gallery, situated at 2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404. The Fusionart International Exhibition is being held from March 15 to April 13, 2008. It is an experience that you do not want to miss.
Please visit:www.jamesgraygallery.com