TORONTO, CANADA – occupies a unique niche in the virtual universe of online retail. From London to San Francisco, each featured artist and designer has the reputation and renown to earn a spot on the limited list of products available at any given time. Thought provoking, rare materials, and international reputation are just some of the qualities of the artists and their pieces collected for the site. prides itself on offering some of the world’s most unique products. The company’s name also explains its mission: no more than 66 hand selected products, featured in limited supply and only for a limited time. “Using an international team of buyers,” says President Claudio Eggert, “we’ve been able to establish special relationships with well known artists and buzz worthy up-and-comers, who are all very excited to be on board.” From oil paintings to rugs to aluminum flowers, once a piece is sold, it is gone for good. “Most products featured on our site can’t be bought anywhere else, so owning something from makes you as unique as the piece you’ve purchased”, says Rick Corbett, CEO.

And like all exclusive groups, membership is required, and has its rewards. As Claudio explains “when you buy something from, you join a handful of people with one-of-a-kind taste, creating an intrinsic social link between you and other buyers. We call this community the “66degrees Circle.” The Circle allows members to communicate with each other, among other privileges. “This is what truly makes us different from anybody else”. delivers one-of-a-kind products to a discriminating clientele. only offers merchandise in very limited numbers – no more than 66 products, all made to order – and only for a short period of time.

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