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Photographer Axel Morin reflects on iPhone photography

For the French artist and photographer Axel Morin, the camera on iPhone is “like a brush to a painter.” The versatility of iPhone provides a new base for creation, and the immense variety of features offer endless creative possibilities. “iPhone is light, fits in one hand,” says Morin. “It’s perfect to capture every moment with authenticity. And it’s also the best tool for visual experiments.”

This month, Morin will be showcasing his iPhone photography over the years at “GSM,” Morin’s first exhibition since the launch of his limited-edition print newspaper project of the same name in 2021. The exhibit will include an audio and visual experience to accompany his photography that immerses visitors to the Paris cultural hub 3537 into the world of Morin, from his inspiration to his emotion as articulated in each photo.

Since the original iPhone launched with its 2MP rear camera in 2007, to the new 48MP camera on iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone photography has continued to evolve. From continuous advancements in true-to-life colour, to computational photography features like Night mode and Portrait mode, and the Ultra Wide camera on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro that enables macro photography, iPhone is enabling photographers to capture life’s moments — the way they see and remember them.

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Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max by Axel Morin.