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No Hard Feelings, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Los Angeles

Focusing on artworks with soft palettes, Artplex Gallery presents “No Hard Feelings”, a group exhibition exploring the interplay between color, form, and texture in the creation of serene compositions. The delicate hues and subdued tones of the works on display invite the viewer to slow down and appreciate the subtle beauty of the natural world. Through their respective works, the artists in this exhibition challenge us to consider the role of color in our perception of nature, and they invite us to engage in a deeper contemplation of the relationship between beauty and tranquility.

“No Hard Feelings”
February 18 – March 17, 2023
Opening: Saturday, February 18, 2023, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

The delicate and poetic artworks of painter Frederic Paul reference his Asian roots in expressive and elaborate compositions. Born into an artist family in Germany, Paul expresses the connection to his heritage in the Philippines with reverence. His artworks are abstract and inspired by the bold colors, spices, flora, and landscapes of Asian cities and his process creates an expressiveness and depth. Raw Chinese rice paper is dyed with pigments and individual leaves are coated with oil and acrylic then refined and collaged. While the young artist continues to live and work in Munich and Landsberg am Lech, he has exhibited many solo and group shows in Germany, London, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, and the USA.

Canadian artist Peter Colbert’s traditional, figurative paintings exhibit a whimsical, yet mysterious sense of wonder. He portrays the figures in his works with their backs toward the viewer, allowing the viewer to vicariously experience the figure’s perspective of the surroundings and his or her emotional state. As the subject’s pose invites the viewer into the scene, each painting creates a new adventure. Peter Colbert’s work is exhibited and collected internationally.

The organic aesthetic of Peter Kuttner’s original boho-minimalist artworks is the result of patient layering and original uses of media. Born in Massachusetts, Kuttner employs the use of clear colors, subtle textures, and contrasting appliques to give his works life. Kuttner’s artworks were featured in Architectural Digest Magazine as well as in popular films and television shows including Two and a Half Men, Californication, and Nashville. Peter Kuttner’s work is on display in many private, royal, museum, and corporate collections worldwide.

German sculptor Nando Kallweit works with bronze and oak using the “lost wax process,” allowing the artist to create intricate and finely detailed sculptures. The strength of ancient Egyptian sculptures, the dynamic forms of the modern Cubist movement, and an observation of contemporary life are all inspirations for aspects of his aquiline figures. Combined with a considerate approach, Kallweit renders archaic materials, such as blackened oak and bronze, with a palpable sensitivity. Kallweit’s work has been exhibited and collected across Europe and the United States.

Since the opening of Artplex Gallery in 2018, the gallery continues to be one of the world’s leading art galleries specializing in high-quality, original contemporary art representing a broad spectrum of major international artists. Right at home in West Hollywood and within immediate proximity to its sister gallery Artspace Warehouse, Artplex Gallery is an expansive modern space that specializes in international urban, pop, graffiti, figurative, and abstract art catering to the visual impact.

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