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Viewing Room Opens Jill Krutick’s “Turning Points,” a Visual Diary of the Artist’s Painting Series

Jill Krutick’s “Turning Points” exhibition features a video montage, an artist interview, and process footage, interspersed with images, text, and critical comments to provide a multimedia-rich experience of the artist’s portfolio.

In the past year, Krutick completed two successful museum solo exhibitions: at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Montana and at the Coral Springs Museum of Art in Florida. Krutick also participated in a group museum show at Museu de Porreres (Mallorca, Spain) and group shows at Georges Bergès Gallery (NYC) and the Center for Creative Education (West Palm Beach, Florida). Krutick will be featured this September at the 2020 AD ART Show, hosted by MvVO Art, at the Oculus in the Westfield World Trade Center in New York City.

“Turning Points” marks the ten-year milestone of Krutick’s professional career as an artist. She examines many facets of her seven distinct painting series and how they have influenced each other, from geometric, tapestry-like paintings to dreamy, atmospheric scenes.

According to Krutick, “We have curated a set of paintings that are each special in their own right, often for different reasons, but there is a thread in common: they each define a turning point in the development of my career as an artist.”

The celebrated art critic, poet, and curator Donald Kuspit writes about Krutick’s work: “…Krutick’s paintings seem to be in a state of…‘creative flux’ – they seem to constantly change, and as such seem ever-fresh…”

Art historian, Annette Blaugrund, references a history of artists in Krutick’s genre, “…as with many second and third generation abstract expressionists, Krutick utilizes elements of chance that are personal, emotional, and unpredictable.”

This collection offers viewers a compelling and authentic narrative that commemorates the spirit of creativity in contemporary art and celebrates the artist’s journey in her creative growth.

The online show will be public and available to view exclusively on her website. To view “Turning Points,” visit:

Jill Krutick