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Through the use of sculpture, photography, video, and installation, Snelling gives her impression of a place, its people and a locale. Often, the cinematic image stands in for real life as it plays out behind windows in the buildings, sometimes creating a sense of mystery, other times stressing the mundane. Her work derives from sociology, voyeurism, and geographical and architectural location.

Snelling captures the essence of time and place by engaging with her surroundings and merging its residents, localities, and atmospheric peculiarities into her work. By exploring the immediate environment, studying every detail and extracting specific highlights, Snelling transforms the information into artworks, best described as 3-D non-linear sculptural films. Combining sculpture, video, light, sound, and sometimes even water and smell, they capture places and people at a specific time in history.


Tracey Snelling Clusterf*ck 5, 2016 Mixed media with video Courtesy of the Artist