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THROCKMORTON FINE ART presents The Avedon Master Class 1967

NEW YORK – Throckmorton Fine Art ( will offer the first edition of photographic images from the 1967 RICHARD AVEDON MASTER CLASS during THE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW (AIPAD) in New York, April 4 – 8 at Pier 94.

THE MASTER CLASS was created by Avedon and Marvin Israel at the Avedon Studio for up and coming promising photographers. Among the seven photographs offered for sale now by Throckmorton are pictures of luminaries including Diane Arbus, Hiro, Marvin Israel, Ben Fernandez, model Veruschka, and Richard Alvedon.

Gideon Lewin, Avedon’s studio manager at the time, documented the evolution of the class, a forum to which students brought their personal work as well as assignments given during the course. The purpose was to stimulate the participant’s senses, awareness, creativity, and personal style. It took place one night a week for about two months with various invited guests, personalities, photographers, art directors and writers. The assignments varied, from self-portraits and portraits of others to fashion stories and reportage.

Among the participating photographers were Chris Von Wangenheim, Deborah Turbeville, Alex Chatelain, Peter Hujar, and Otto Stupakoff.

Invited guests included Diane Arbus, Hiro, Ruth Ansel, Bruce Davidson, Lucas Samaras, Ben Fernandez, Richard Lindner, and Elaine May.

The atmosphere was charged, with Marvin Israel playing devil’s advocate, controlling the sometimes heated, yet always constructive discussions. Richard Avedon amplified his thoughts, adding a critical element. Students were encouraged to bring in anything they found visually interesting and unique. Important photographer’s work was analyzed and discussed, while students were pressed to create their own styles of visual expression that was not an imitation or interpretation of other’s work.

Gideon Lewin said, “It was exciting to watch the table and the walls increasingly fill up with images while the white spaces slowly diminished. It was equally great to listen to the opinions of the guest critics, as Avedon and Marvin invited them into the fray.”

“My cameras on the ceiling and on my shoulder created a visual documentation of it all. Ben Fernandez asked at one point if the cameras had been placed on the ceiling to spy on the class. Avedon answered, “I don’t really know. This is Gideon’s assignment for the class”.
Gideon Lewin has written a book to be released this summer by Assouline with photographs taken between 1964 and 1980 behind the scenes during the time when Lewin worked in Avedon’s studio.

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