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After The Storm: Artworks by Fred Bendheim

Alchemy is pleased to present an exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist, Fred Bendheim, titled, After The Storm. The exhibition will run from June 22 – October 4, 2017. The exhibition consists of eleven works from the past three years by the Brooklyn-based artist. The artist calls the work shapings, which are shaped paintings that exist between the worlds of painting and sculpture. They are made on wood or PVC board, and some are relief sculptures. The title of the show, After The Storm, has various meanings for the artist, some literal and some metaphoric. Three of the artworks on one wall depict stylized storms, while the other eight pieces are abstract and have a more bucolic and peaceful feeling. The works are abstract and stylized to allow many meanings to surface. The subject of storms and the immediate time after them has been a recurring theme in art. Painters such as Thomas Moran, Vincent Van Gogh, and Gustave Courbet are some of the artists who have used the theme. Bendheim creates storms because they contain tremendous energy, energy that is both creative and destructive. It is the energy of nature and of life. The works can also be seen as the creation of life (one theory is that lightning was the spark to creating life on earth) and the life of creativity, including the stormy emotions associated with creativity. “There is a romantic quality to them which appeals to me. I like using the open-ended format of shaped, non-rectangular works” says Bendheim. ” It allows the wall to become part of piece, to have a conversation in space with the shapes and colors I have chosen. The works are inspired by visual ideas of tension, balance and unity, by the artist’s youth in Arizona, and by other artists who have worked in the genre, including native American artists. The art works are finely crafted made of shaped and painted PVC board. The artist ‘s process is to make extensive drawings and studies before transforming the images to the final materials. Alchemy is located at 211 E. 43rd St., NYC, NY on the ground floor. For more information contact:

Fred Bendheim was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1956. He has lived and worked in Brooklyn, NY since 1984. As a teen-ager, he apprenticed with the pioneer surrealist painter, Philip Curtis. Fred has had numerous one-person shows and his works are in collections world-wide including: The Museum of Arts & Design, NY; The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; The Montclair Art Museum, The National Gallery of Costa Rica; The Instituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venice, Italy; The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, The Plotkin Museum, The Brooklyn Public Library, NY; Denise Bibro Fine Art, NY; Jason McCoy Gallery, Bradley International Airport, Los Angeles, CA; The Mayo Center for Humanities, Scottsdale, AZ. His commissions include fountain-sculptures for Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, and paintings for the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Neiman Marcus, The Mandarin Hotel. His past art has taken the form of large room-sized installations, outdoor billboards with children’s art, sculptures, and fountains made with many materials, as well as mural-sized drawings. He has written articles about art for the British journal The Lancet, and he is a teaching artist at the Art Students League and The College of Mt. Saint Vincent in New York City.

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