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Help represent Arts & Culture on the Gowanus Interactive Planning Map

New York City’s Department of City Planning (DCP) is in the middle of a PLACES study for Gowanus. The PLACES study will result in a “planning and land-use framework,” meant to guide future rezoning proposals and infrastructure investments.

In a changing Gowanus, where do artists and “arts & culture” fit in?

Now is the time for artists and art lovers to weigh in directly with DCP so that they can hear your voices loud and clear: you’d like Gowanus to remain a place where art-making and creativity can thrive.

Action Item 1: Contribute to the interactive map
DCP has published an interactive map and we’d love you to populate the map with pins indicating what you love about Gowanus and what needs improving. Here are some ideas:

Place a pin where you’ve visited art spaces.

Have you had other cultural experiences in Gowanus that you would like to see protected, or at least taken into account? Mark them with a pin.

Are you aware of specific neighborhood features that support art-making? Place a pin and tell them why.

Do you see threats to the arts by any features of the neighborhood? Place a pin and tell them why.

Action Item 2: Brainstorm ideas towards fulfilling certain goals
Members of the Arts & Culture Working Group for Gowanus* have identified three goals listed below. If you have any ideas on how to achieve those goals, please comment on this page.

To identify ways that arts and cultural uses can be mixed with other uses in order to support a mixed-use neighbourhood

To explore mechanisms that support the preservation and creation of affordable space for arts and culture

To increase opportunities for everyone in the community to participate in arts and culture in Gowanus

Arts Gowanus is a not-for-profit organization working to support, promote, and advocate for local artists and a sustainable arts community.

Arts Gowanus
540 President Street, Suite 2E
Brooklyn, New York 11215