Adam Kiger. A Mirror to the Human Soul

At first glance, the haunting and mysterious paintings of Adam Kiger seem to have dark, almost Gothic overtones.

Adam Kiger-Piece 82

Adam Kiger-Piece 82

A closer look, however, reveals the emotional underpinnings of these works, which are about the journey of the human spirit in the search for truth. Like the photographs of Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, Kiger’s work contains a hint of surrealism; but he prefers to classify his work as a mixture of neo-dada and pop art because it invokes an emotional reaction in the viewer. By contrasting the familiar with the incoherent and redefining ideas of beauty and aesthetics, Kiger references both hope and denial.

Kiger grew up in Ohio and comes from a long line of painters. He first picked up a paintbrush when he was six, though he says he spent most of his life running from his talent. Now that he’s embraced painting and is pursuing a career in art, he wants to give back by inspiring those who see his work to seek their own personal revelation, and hopes his paintings will be a mirror to the human soul.

Exhibition Dates: July 5, 2014 – July 25, 2014
Reception: Thursday, July 10, 2014, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 11-6
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York
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