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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

International Biennial Association (IBA)

The International Biennial Association (IBA) announce that the First General Assembly will be held in Berlin at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) from the 10th to 13th of July 2014 during the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. The four-day event with the focus on the inaugural ceremony of IBA will also be open to the wider public, consisting of conferences and panels. The General Assembly will bring together professionals to participate in discussions on the current issues: how biennials need to respond to the social urgencies, local environment and politics in the midst of challenges that face biennials today.

Further details will be released in June. IBA looks forward to your attendance and participation at the General Assembly.

Become an IBA Member
IBA is now accepting membership sign up.

As an IBA member you will be part of an international network of professionals within the art world. You will have access to all other IBA members through an online interactive society, giving you the latest news on upcoming events, openings, curators, and much more. All members will receive an annual membership card that provides invitations to all events organized and hosted by IBA along with receiving publications produced by IBA. Being part of IBA, you will receive invitations to the annual General Assembly allowing you the opportunity to meet fellow peers within the biennial and art-related fields from across the world. As individual and institutional members, you will be able to vote for the representatives of the IBA and be an active participant of the association.

You can apply directly through the IBA website, or alternatively download an application form and submit it to the IBA Office.

Biennials have spread beyond cultural, social and political boundaries, becoming visible and essential media for contemporary art practice and the generation of public discourse. Through the diverse exhibitions of biennials, one can see the continuous struggle of evolution and development, introduction of new biennial creators and new perspectives of art influenced by the social politics of the local milieu.

The International Biennial Association (IBA) has been established to create a platform for professional networking within the contemporary art world, allowing the exchange of curatorial, artistic and knowledge production through a horizontal distribution between biennials, triennials and art-related disciplines around the world.

IBA is an initiative taken from the World Biennial Forum No.1 (WBF) “Shifting Gravity” held in Gwangju, South Korea in October 2012. Since the Forum, a preparatory committee in Sharjah comprised with delegates from 21 various biennials and triennials gathered. Representatives from differing regions, histories and backgrounds were chosen to voice the diversity of political and social perspectives. Three separate meetings in Venice, Istanbul and most recently in the city of Karlsruhe were organized to prepare for the General Assembly.

Executive Board
Interim President: Yongwoo Lee (Gwangju Biennale Foundation)
Interim Vice President: Bige Örer (Istanbul Biennial)
Interim Vice President: Marieke van Hal (Biennial Foundation)

Board Members
Sheikha Hoor Al-Qasimi (Sharjah Biennial) / Elke aus dem Moore (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) / Marah Braye (Biennale of Sydney) / Donna De Salvo (Whitney Biennial) / Patricia Druck (Mercosul Biennial) / Margarita González (Havana Biennial) / Gabriele Horn (Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art) / Hong-Hee Kim (MediaCity Seoul) / Helena Kontova (Prague Biennale) / Patrick Mudekereza (Lubumbashi Biennale) / Eriko Osaka (Yokohama Triennale) / Mauro Petroni (Dakar Biennale) / Thierry Raspail (Lyon Biennale) / Alya Sebti (Marrakech Biennale) / Alia Swastika (Jogja Biennale) / Sally Tallant (Liverpool Biennial) / Tan Boon Hui (National Heritage Board, Singapore) / Zhang Qing (International Biennial Research Center, China)

*List above is in alphabetical order

For all enquiries, please contact [email protected].