Trifecta Gallery Las Vegas Presents “Santa Monica” new Works by Robby Martin Better on May 3-25

For Trifecta Gallery’s exhibition of “Santa Monica” Robby Martin, who creates art under the name Biscuit Street Preacher, turns his steady artist’s gaze to a storied southern California town made famous for its popular fishing pier, amusement park and sprawling muscle beach.

“Looking at Santa Monica through Biscuit’s eyes is fascinating,” Trifecta Gallery owner Marty Walsh said, “He draws selected and skewed elements of the beach, the airplanes and commonly found beach trappings in the paintings and those become what I would imagine many a child’s dream to be after his first visit to the pier.”

The starring role in every Biscuit Street Preacher painting is a sense of place. The artist who was once strongly influenced by the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat has captured the raw nature of gritty industrial places where his child-like crude human creatures seem almost trapped in steel girders, chain link fencing and masonry slabs via his compositions.

In this new series- “Santa Monica,” the artist finds a happier, sunshiny place to spend his mind’s time. The mixed-media exhibition tells the story of a recent beach vacation starting from the arrival at LAX Airport to the famous fishing pier and its amusement park. From there we have a beach experience with its bathers of various colors and sizes lining the shore. Sketches of the paintings are scrolled into glass bottles and small handmade beanbag beach bather dolls add dimension to the exhibition.

The Biscuit Street Preacher is a self-taught artist who was raised in the deep south. In his early teens he was moved to York, PA, a factory town with miles and miles of industrial warehouses, train tracks and abandoned factories. He began drawing and painting on abandoned walls and found wooden remnants. Escaping the industrial monotony of the rust belt, he moved to Las Vegas where he switched to his handmade large scale canvases.

Preview the two new exhibitions, Joel Spencer’s “Subtraction: an interactive installation” in the gallery’s Attachment room and Biscuit Street Preacher’s “Santa Monica” on Thursday May 3, 2012 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Custom made petit fours for the first few dozen guests provided by M. Antoinette Legendary Confections, one of Trifecta’s new community partners.