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Fine Art PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

MEHMET HASSAN ASIAN ART presents a special 25th Anniversary Show “ART FROM THE HIMALAYAS AND CHINA”

BANGKOK – MEHMET HASSAN ASIAN ART is celebrating its 25th anniversary year with its first exhibition in Paris at the 14th edition of the Parcours-des-Mondes from September 8th through September 13th at Galerie Anne + Just Jaeckin, 19, rue Guénégaud.
“Art from the Himalayas and China” focuses on bronze sculpture from Tibet and Nepal as well as paintings and gold and silver objects from China and Central Asia.

Bodhisattva ManjusriHighlights of the MEHMET HASSAN 25th anniversary exhibition include a detailed 15th century Bodhisattva Manjusri from Nepal, made of gilt copper repousse with inset jewels; a 14th century Milarepa Bronze with copper and silver inlays from Tibet, previously in a private European collection; a 7th century AD Central Asian or Tibetan Silver Gilt Dish Depicting a Winged Horse, from an old Japanese Collection; a small 9-10th century Fujiwara Period Japanese Padmapani in Wood and Gilding that is Carbon-14 dated to 760-950 AD.

Also of note is a Tibetan 15th century Bronze statue of a Padmasambhava with copper and semi-precious stone inlays, from a private European collection. Mehmet Hassan says, “The bronze statue of Padmasambhava is a particularly fine example of this great Buddhist practitioner who was born in Uddayana, the Swat Valley, now in modern day Pakistan, in the 8th century. He was instrumental with introducing Buddhism into Tibet and in the founding of Tibet’s first monastery, Samye.”

Mehmet Hassan, based in Bangkok, has exhibited in many of the world’s leading art fairs including acclaimed shows in London, New York, Brussels, Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo. The London-born dealer in Asian art has lived in Thailand for almost 30 years and maintains a gallery in Bangkok. His specialty is Tibetan and Himalayan art as well as the art of Central Asia, China, and Japan, and early textiles from Central Asia. He has sold important artworks to major museums and collectors in the US, Europe and the Far East.

“I chose the Parcours-des-Mondes as the place to stage my 25th anniversary year exhibition because is it regarded as the most important fair for non-Western art. It commands the attention of leading scholars, museum officials and collectors, and because Paris is a great city which showcases the arts,” Mehmet Hassan says.

“In recent years Parcours-des-Mondes has ventured far beyond the tribal art it was once primarily known for – today the Parcours-des-Mondes attracts close to 70 of the most respected dealers in African, Oceanic, American and Asian art. Dealers are delighted to show their latest acquisitions during the six-day event, Sept 8 – 13, as it attracts the most discerning buyers of non-Western art and celebrates the artistic history, craftsmanship and cultures from the farthest corners of the world.”

MEHMET HASSAN ASIAN ART will exhibit at Galerie Anne + Just Jaeckin, 19, rue Guénégaud in the Saint Germain-des-Pres district of Paris. Parcours-des-Mondes exhibitors each stage separate exhibitions in galleries in the sixth arrondisement fine arts district.

“Over the 25 years I have been offering noteworthy Asian art, I have seen collectors become not only more fascinated by this genre, but far more knowledgeable about the characteristics that distinguish a great artwork from a modest one. I am happy to be able to show some very important works for this year’s 25th anniversary exhibition, and am delighted to be bringing this collection to Paris and the Parcours-des-Mondes.”

MEHMET HASSAN ASIAN ART presents “ART FROM THE HIMALAYAS AND CHINA” September 8th through 13th at the 14th edition of the
PARCOURS-DES-MONDES at Galerie Anne + Just Jaeckin, 19, rue Guénégaud. 75006 PARIS +66 81 91 58 282 +66 22 66 54 52 [email protected]