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Helsinki Photography Biennial 2012

Helsinki Photography Biennial (HPB) is being held in 2012 March and April. HPB is a series of events on photo/lens-based contemporary art, organized every two years in spring by the Union of Artist Photographers in Finland. In April 2012 the biennial will for the first time expand into a month of photography. […]

Poppy Sebire Opens Lee Maelzer Exhibition

Poppy Sebire presents an exhibition of work by Lee Maelzer on view 18 November – 23 December 2011. Lee Maelzer makes paintings about the human need to record events and places and the visual languages and signifiers that connect the evidence. For her first solo exhibition at Poppy Sebire, Maelzer will show […]

2nd Ghetto Biennale

The 2nd Ghetto Biennale is due to take place from 28th November until 18th December 2011. The 1st ‘Ghetto Biennale’ was held in December 2009 and was hosted by the Atis-Rezistans, the Sculptors of Grand Rue. They invited fine artists, film-makers, academics, photographers, musicians, architects and writers, to come to the Grand […]

SKOR | Foundation Art and Public Space / NAi Publishers Announces Open. Cahier on Art and the Public Domain, no. 22 on Transparency Publicity and Secrecy in the Age of WikiLeaks

Taking WikiLeaks as an illustrative example, Open 22 investigates how transparency and secrecy relate to one another, to the public and to publicity in our computerized visual cultures. It examines transparency as an ideology, the ideal of the free flow of information versus the fight over access to information and the intrinsic […]

Bungalow 5 Opens Annika Connor Exhibition

Contemporary Romantic painter Annika Connor is showing pieces from her latest collections at the Bungalow 5 from November 9th to December 9th, 2011. The exhibition titled Tuxedo Park brings together the decadent interiors of an era gone by with sumptuous landscapes from an imagined garden. Image: Annika Connor, Leaves of Change. Playing […]