Spencer Jon Helfen Fine Arts Presents The Female Image Exhibition

Spencer Jon Helfen Fine Arts presents an important survey of images of women, as conceived by artists living and working in California from approximately 1910 to 1950

This exciting array of work was created by some of California’s foremost Modernists. Whether nudes, portraits or figure studies, each of these artworks reflects a strong Modernist aesthetic and tells a story about one of the most prized of painterly subjects – the female.

The exhibition presents works by Gertrude Albright, Victor Arnautoff, Arnold Blanch, Claude Buck, Brents Carlton, Pele de Lappe, Karoly Fulop, Zama Vanessa Helder, Helen Clark Oldfield, Otis Oldfield, Nina Saemundsson, Jacques Schnier, Henrietta Shore, Rex Slinkard, Ralph Stackpole, Lucretia Van Horn, Edouard Vysekal, Bernard Zakheim, and many others. The exhibition includes oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, lithographs and sculpture.

Spencer Jon Helfen Fine Arts is a gallery that focuses on paintings and sculpture created by artists living in California and America at large during the modern period — generally spanning from 1910 to 1950, with a particular emphasis on California art of the 1930s. Among the many artistic themes represented in our offerings are California Scene, California and American Regionalism, Social Realism, and WPA-inspired works. Stylistically, the Gallery offers works that reflect the wide diversity of California and American Modernism, including Surrealism, Realism, Magic Realism, Synchromism, Art Deco, Cubism, and Abstraction.

Image: Arnold Blanch (1896-1968), “Standing Nude in Interior,” 1928, oil on canvas, 42 x 30 inches

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