Kit Schulte Contemporary Art Opens Malte Hagen Olbertz. Stand Der Dinge Painting

“Collect no crumpled papers and stuff in the corners, which attracts mice,” we were told as children. So excited so we pushed everything together to watch it for days in anticipation of spontaneous generation (of mice). That it has sometimes rustled in the pile enough of us to become advocates of this theory of creation. “

Kit Schulte Contemporary Art presents Malte Hagen Olbertz : Stand Der Dinge Painting, open 21 October to 20 November 2011.

Malte Hagen Olbertz, Stand Der Dinge, 2011, 150 x 210 cm, Öl auf Leinwand. Photo: Courtesy Kit Schulte Contemporary Art.

Hagen tells OlbertzIn painted things stand, the Malte Hagen Olbertz stories about rooms full of Vegänglichem, abandoned and hidden. The items go in secret and sudden black highlights have an idea of ​​the slumbering form of wealth flashing. Human bodies are inserted into the Furnishings, sleeping, dreaming, or dead? Objects and bodies are arranged forming a homogeneous and wonderful, almost natural compositions. These are partially immersed in deep black, which are darstellt.In Olbertz for an inspiring original substance or Prima Materia non-urban areas in heaps like accumulations of discarded – or rather discarded furniture: sink, shelves, stove, plates, pictures. In contrast to the classical still life compositions convey an almost self-organizing his character: the sometimes rigid and loose arrangements, which do not arise with pictorial intent, ‘work’, so that he can take back as an arranger. The camp, the moving, cleaning, packing and the like to solve with Hagen Olbertz pulse from an image – exposed the single object or a few objects, isolated, creating a sacred charm. The viewer is not looked at, so they only invite one to contemplation and contemplation. The Accumulated can be seen as a treasure, as a refuge or as a dung heap, Sisyphean task, Augiasstall.Andererseits, when human body is part of the picture, the artist plays deliberately with the pictorial composition – he grabs her downright into a deliberately chosen arrangement and thus creating a timeless story. Olbertz painted Hagen was born in 1967 in Düren and lives and works in Berlin and Aachen.

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