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Künstlerhaus Bremen Presents Katerina Seda It’s Too Late In The Day

Künstlerhaus Bremen presents Kateřina Šedá:s It’s Too Late In The Day open through 8 May 2011.

In the framework of her exhibition It’s Too Late In The Day at the Künstlerhaus Bremen, Czech artist Kateřina Šedá is presenting a project that she has been working on for several years. It revolves around Nošovice, a municipality in the Czech Republic and, like other works by her, it interweaves art and everyday life. Nošovice is a small town, which at first sight seems quite unspectacular. It is located however in unusually beautiful surroundings, in the middle of fields, woods and at the foot of the Beskids. A few years ago, a huge Hyundai car manufacturing plant was built in this idyll, the first to be constructed in Europe. The local population capitulated, unable to defend themselves against this drastic intervention. Many people moved away and those who remained have not spoken to each other since.

The new plant involved not only social divisions, but also significant interventions into nature and the local infrastructure: the original network of paths and old connections was cut and they are now dead-ends. The car manufacturing plant is surrounded by a high wall that seals it off from the whole area. In order to visit a neighbour you must now circle the Hyundai plant, instead of taking a direct path, as in the past. The factory exerts influence on the whole place; it is a foreign body, impacting the social and topographical situation and its surroundings.

On the basis of these observations, Kateřina Šedá has been working for some time on ways out of this dilemma. She began with the interpersonal and architectural obstacles, her aim being to overcome them in various—visual and performative—ways, so as to bring the people back into contact with each other. The exhibition It’s Too Late In The Day represents the current status of her work on this long-term project and unites deliberations and findings made in the course of her preoccupation with the theme with the next and latest stages in the project.

It’s Too Late In The Day at the Künstlerhaus Bremen is Kateřina Šedá’s first institutional solo exhibition in the German-speaking region. To mark the occasion an artist’s book will be published.

13 April 2011, 19:00 / Lecture with Kateřina Šedá
28 April 2011, 19:00 / Lecture with Vít Havranek / director of and Co-curator of Manifesta 8

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Image: Kateřina Šedá, “It’s Too Late In The Day,” exhibition view Künstlerhaus Bremen 2011. Photo by Tobias Hübel

8 May 2011
Am Deich 68 / 69
29199 Bremen, Germany
Am Deich 68 / 69
29199 Bremen, Germany

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