Taking the Stage OVER Project in Shanghai China

“Taking the Stage OVER” is a dynamic, year-long exhibition that attempts through series of events, situations, and happenings to activate an important chapter in the history of contemporary art of the last decade. The artists featured in this year-long ongoing exhibition will develop their own projects related to the stage and its various manifestations at multiple sites throughout Shanghai. Each month there will be one project presented over the one year period of time.

Project had symbolical start in march with one night event Re-performing History inviting local artists Gao Mingyan, Hu Yun, Li Mu, Lu Pingyuan, Tang Dixin, Wang Sishun to take historical live based work that influenced them as point of departure for their work.

Artists in the project: Bestue Vives, Antti Laitinen, Tino Sehgal, Hu Xiangqian, Tobias Bernstrup, Pop Station, Slave Pianos, Keren Cytter…

Project is organized and initiated by Biljana Ciric, independent curator based in Shanghai.


Over the span of one year, “Taking the Stage OVER” will offer a series of artists projects that look at live art, performance, theater, situations, actions and other live aspects in art. Each of the artists presented in this project have developed their own specific approach to live art that varies from using actors and staging projects in a theatre setting, to organizing happenings with an emphasis on the participatory character of the events.

The proposed series of projects, intend to examine and present new tendencies in contemporary art today from a global perspective, including central figures from the art world that question the traditional notion of live art and challenge the way art is usually perceived. All the artist’s projects have as a main characteristic the ability to create conditions of experiencing work, which could be rarely seen in a traditional concept.

For more than a decade, live based work has been marginalized by many art institutions in China, consequently there are increasingly fewer platforms that are willing to explore this field. “Taking the Stage OVER” aims to raise awareness and open up a discussion about this phenomenon at a local level in China, showing the current state of live based art today and its possible developments in the future. In addition, this project will for the first time bring together into this discussion global aspects of live based art, events, situations, and performances including those from Asia and the Pacific region.

Project start: March 2011–ongoing

Venue: different institutions in Shanghai, China

Upcoming project: Tino Sehgal in Shanghai MoCA, Min Sheng Art Museum and Rockbund Art Museum from June and September 2011 (for exact dates please see website)

For more information visit website: www.takingthestage.org

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